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Danko Gift Card

Danko Gift Card

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Danko Bag Gift Card

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This versatile Wayuu mochila Bag can be worn with flair, whether it's casually slung over your shoulder as a shoulder bag / side bag or sported as a cross-body bag.

Every Occasion

This unique bag is suitable for all occasions. Use it as an everyday bag whether you are heading to work, shopping or going for a meal. This stunning bag can also be used a beach bag, mum bag, and more.


Enjoy the spacious and lightweight bag that is large enough to hold all your daily essentials. This crochet bag is the perfect option for your everyday handbag needs.


This woven bag has a soft but sturdy strap and is lightweight and comfortable for effortless wear, ideal for extended use.


Constructed from high-quality soft acrylic material known for its durability and resilience. These handbags are engineered to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use for years.

Fade Resistant

Fade-resistant acrylic fabric ensures that your crossbody bag maintains its striking appearance, reserving the handbag's vibrant colours over time.

Give Back

With every bag purchased we donate a proportion of Danko’s profits directly back to the Wayuu community, making this the perfect way for you to buy an ethical bag while also supporting indigenous communities  

Cultural Artisans

More than just a handbag, this Wayuu mochila is a vibrant celebration of style and self-expression of the Wayuu bag makers who are skilled artisans from the indigenous Wayuu community, located in the Guajira Peninsula of Colombia and Venezuela.

The art of weaving intricate patterns into crochet bags has been passed down through generations, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Wayuu people.

Each bag can take between 10-14 days to handmake; every stitch tells a story, and every gem reflects a tradition. Add this timeless and versatile piece to your collection and make a statement that goes beyond fashion – it's a celebration of craftsmanship, culture, and individuality.


Bag Sizes:

Large Wayuu Bags
Bag Size :
 28x28 cm*                
Strap: 100-110 cm*

Medium Wayuu Bags
Bag size:
 20x20 cm*          
100-110 cm*

Tote Bags:
Bag Size: 28x28 cm*
Strap: 60 cm*

Beach Bags:
H: 34 cm*
W: 57 cm* (at the widest point) 35cm* (at the narrowest point)
Strap: 27 cm*

*Please note sizes are approximate. Each bag is handmade and unique, and sizes, lengths and colour shades may vary.

Care Instructions

Care Instruction:

Hand wash

We recommend hand washing your mochila bag with a gentle touch, using a soft

Machine Wash

You can machine wash on a handwash cycle providing the bag has no gems or pearls.


Do NOT tumble dry

To dry, encase the bag in a pillowcase or washing bag and run a low spin cycle in the washing machine.

Afterward, hang the bag to air-dry
in a shaded area.


What material are Danko bags made of?

Our Danko bags are made with premium acrylic fabric?

Are your Handbags handmade?

Yes, Danko handbags are handmade using a crochet and weaving technique

Where are Danko bags made?

Danko bags are handcrafted in Colombia by the highly skilled and talented Wayuu artisans. Majority of our bag makers are women, and this provide a way of living for these amazing artisans.

Are Danko bags ethically sourced?

All Danko handbags are ethically sourced, and we are big believers in fair trade. We also donate a proportion of our profits directly back to the Wayuu community.

Can I machine wash my bag?

We recommend hand washing using a soft bristle however, you can machine wash your Danko bag if it doesn't have gems or pearls. Use a handwash cycle or cold
wash cycle with a low spin speed.

Can I tumble dry my Danko Bag?

No, do not tumble dry. We recommend hanging
the bag to air-dry in a shaded area.

Shipping & Returns


All orders are processed and dispatched within 1-2 days. Delivery times will vary
depending on your location

  • Standard shipping
    usually takes 3-10 business days, depending on your location

  • Express shipping
    generally takes 1-4 business days, depending on your location

  • International shipping
    times may vary and can range from 7 to 30 business days.

Please view our shipping policy for more information.

30 day money back guarantee
We want you to be absolutely satisfied with your Danko bag and you can return any item within 30 days. No questions asked!

For any inquiries or assistance regarding returns, please
contact our customer service team at

Please view our returns policy for more information.


90-Day Warranty

At Danko, we stand by the quality and durability of our handcrafted Wayuu bags. If your bag experiences genuine damage within 90 days of purchase, we will gladly exchange it or provide a full refund. Shop with confidence, knowing your satisfaction is our top priority.


Looking for the perfect gift? The Danko Bag Gift Card is your ideal choice!

Available in various denominations, this gift card allows your loved ones to select from our stunning collection of handcrafted Wayuu bags.

Each bag is a unique piece of art, made by the indigenous Wayuu people of Colombia using traditional crochet techniques passed down through generations. Our bags combine style, durability, and cultural heritage, ensuring a meaningful and versatile accessory for any occasion.

Give the gift of choice and support ethical craftsmanship with a Danko Bag Gift Card!