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Multicolored Handbag with Leather and Gems

Multicolored Handbag with Leather and Gems

Introducing our Elegant Multicolored Handbag with Gems and two tassels. Now enhanced with high-quality leather features, including a internal leather compartment!

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Introducing our Elegant Multicolored Handbag with Gems, now enhanced with high-quality leather features, a seamless blend of tradition and modernity. This handcrafted handbag with 2 multicolored tassels features a captivating indigenous design pattern adorned with multicolored gems, creating a visual symphony of colors against the backdrop of vibrant elegance.

The intricate design, inspired by indigenous art, showcases a thoughtful arrangement of multicolored gems, adding opulence and cultural richness to your style. Enhanced with high-quality leather features, this bag now includes a smaller leather compartment that fits perfectly within, ideal for keeping bank cards, money, valuables, and more safe.

Designed for convenience and style, this handbag allows for versatile wear, whether casually placed over your shoulder or comfortably worn crossbody. Ideal for both your everyday essentials and special occasion items. This handbag seamlessly transitions as your day bag, beach bag, yoga bag, evening bag, and more.

What makes this tassel bag truly exceptional is its unique and stunning design, a testament to the artistry of handcrafting by the Wayuu community. Each bag takes 7-10 days to make; it is a one-of-a-kind creation, ensuring that you carry a piece of tradition and culture wherever you go.

Bag Size:

Approximately 28x28 cm

Handle Length:

Approximately 110cm

Please note each bag is handmade and unique, sizes, colors, and shades may vary.

Care Instruction:

We recommend hand washing your bag with a gentle touch, using a soft brush. To dry, encase the bag in a pillowcase or washing bag and run a spin cycle in the washing machine. Afterward, hang the bag to air-dry in a shaded area.